Who We Are – Algae Biofuels and Algae for Biofuels Experts

This website is a joint effort among scientists, experts, algae farmers, biofuels investors and algae growers to disseminate knowledge and information about algae for biofuels and algae biofuels in the local and international renewable energy communities. Our goal is to develop algae for economically competitive green/bio-fuel production throughout the world.

It was created by Prof. Aecio D’Silva, Consultant and Professor, CEO of Moura Enterprises. Dr. D’Silva is a worldwide reference in Integrated Sustainable, AquaBioPonics and AquafuelPonics Systems and Humanitarian programs.

In addition, many collaborators in many parts of the world are giving their valuable support to constantly update the information of this site.

For many years, our team has been involved in Algae for biofuels and algae biofeuls research and development. We have been working in algae biofuels growing systems that will provide the foundation for a successfully and profitably algae for biofuels industry.

Our team of geneticists is using cutting-edge technologies to optimize and enhance high yield algae biofuels to different conditions and quality requirements. We are team up with top researchfacilities throughout the world to provide the most advanced algae for biofuels systems.

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Short Bio – Prof. Aecio D’Silva, member of American Aquabiotech, Moura Enterprises, AlgaeforBiofuels and BiofuelsRevolution. Dr. Aecio D’Silva has over 30 years of experience as an executive and international consultant of private and public organizations in biotechnology, business research & opportunities, R&D, international business, statistical process control (SPC), online training, learning management systems, renewable energy, biofuels integrated aquaculture-agriculture projects, and Total Quality Leadership Systems.

Dr. D’Silva is the developer of the AquaBioPonics and AquaFuelsPonics systems used for closed food, solar and green-bio-fuels systems. He is considered a worldwide reference and authority on innovation, improvement, total quality leadership, and renewable energy, as well as aquaculture-agriculture-biofuels-solar energy integrated systems. He coordenated the group that envisioned, designed and led the construction of the Agric-Aqua-Biotech Paulo Afonso-Jatoba Aquaculture-Agribusiness Complex in the San Francisco River Valley, in the northeast of Brazil.

Dr. D’Silva has worked on all five continents, providing consulting, training and expertise to hundreds of executives, leaders and staff members of many companies in Latin America, the continental United States, and Hawaii. He has developed strategic humanitarian programs with a special focus on combating hunger, malnutrition, illiteracy and poverty in urban and rural communities.

He has developed the Sustainable Quality Leadership Systems (SQLSystems) and has written the Sustainable Quality Business Leadership System and Operation Manual Handbook for private companies as well as the Continuously Innovating Your Business with Sustainable Quality Leadership Systems and Attitude-Thinking-Positive-Creative (ATPC) books. These handbooks have been fully implemented in Biotech companies and complexes in North and South America in many companies. He has served as private consultant on integrated projects for international organizations including the World Bank.

He is consultant of  Moura Enterprises, LLC., high-tech and investment company which specializes in state-of-the-art R&D, high tech transfer, international business, renewable energy, sustainable food production and humanitarian programs; Algae for Biofuels and Biofuels Revolution sites;  Dr. D’Silva holds an MS Degree in Aquaculture from the University of Oklahoma, a PhD in Sustainable Systems and three Post-Doctorates in Biotechnology Business from the University of Arizona. His work has been published in books, publications and scientific papers in his area of expertise.

Member of American Aquabiotech, Biofuels Revolution, Moura Enterprises and MyBeloJardim (ver. Portuguese) Prof. Aecio D’Silva’s Group