Algae Biojetfuels

Algae BioJetFuels


Microalgae are photosynthetic microorganisms that convert sunlight, water, nutrients and carbon dioxide into algal biomass. The nutrients generally contain inorganic compounds, like nitrates, phosphates, iron and some trace elements. The resulting algal biomass is mainly composed of lipids (oils, fats), carbohydrates (starch, sugar) and proteins.

Algae need in average 2.8 tons of CO2, 0.95 ton of nutrients, light and water to produce 1 tons of dry matter. The resulting biomass composition is dependent on the algae species grown. Some species have a high preference for lipids as storage material (40-70 % of the dry weight) and others become rich in starch and sugars.

Microalgae are excellent source for BioJetFuels. The algal raw material could be processed in different ways and methods to produce high quality aviation fuels. We are currently working with a varieties of algal species and processing methods for manufacture of economical and feasible algal BioJetfuels

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