Creating a Super Algae

Zeroing to Create a ‘Super Algae”

We have set out to create a ‘super algae’, fat algae or oiled algae. These species are optimized for high algae biofuel production (Biodiesel, BioEthanol, BioJetFuels, BioGasoline, etc). This will be achieved by optimizing selected algae for lipid and/or carbohydrate production, while maintaining high biomass yield under “field” conditions.

High lipid containing algae species can be used for the production of biodiesel through transterification of the lipids and/or hydrocraking similar to petroleum techniques while high carbohydrate containing species can be processed for bioethanol production through fermentation of the sugars.

Currently we are testing growth conditions for seven selected algae biofuels species. The species were selected based on their growth rate and lipid/carbohydrate content. Thus far the most optimal media for growing these species is secondary effluent of treated waste water and diluted fish waste slurry.

In addition to producing high biomass under these conditions, we are currently investigating to what degree these algae biofuels species can be used to polish waste water. We are growing in carboys, plastic bag photo-bioreactors, both indoors with artificial lightning and outdoors using sunlight. We are also experimenting with open pond settings.

 Member of American Aquabiotech, Biofuels Revolution, Moura Enterprises and MyBeloJardim (ver. Portuguese) Prof. Aecio D’Silva’s Group