AquaBioPonics Without Borders: Why Micro AquaBioPonics Systems – MSABP?

AquaBioPonics Without Borders– Created by Dr. Aecio D’Silva, designer of AquaBioPonics Technologies

AquaBioPonics is the Sustainable Integration of aquaculture + hydroponics + rainwater harvest + beneficial insects + vermiculture + organic land gardening + small livestock + wind and solar power + biofertilizers + biofuels among others components to produce high quality organic food. MSABP is the micro version of AquaBioPonics Without Borders International Program.

These are some reasons why you should empower yourself growing your own organic and healthy food using AquaBioPonics – MSABP.

AquaBioPonics in Action (Source: Aquabioponics)

AquaBioPonics Without Borders in Action (Source: Aquabioponics)

Having a MSABP you can:
  • Can grow organically almost any produce and vegetables plus Tilapia – excelent protein source
  • Is not limited to age group or gender – ideal for women, teens, adults and right for the elderly
  • Is modular and movable – can be disassembled and shipped if necessary, and can be set up almost anywhere
  • Is an extremely efficient teaching tool as a life and business labs in schools – almost everything can be taught in any level of learning
  • Uses minimum and small spaces and can be indoor or outdoor
  • Uses no fertilizers or pesticides – completely spray free
  • Recycles 100% nutrient usage – zero wastage
  • Has zero nutrient rich effluent discharge – no nutrient-rich water dumping
  • Has low water usage – up to 90% less than soil based agriculture; stored rainwater can be used to top up
  • Has low power consumption – can be powered by Renewable energy;
  • Has low environmental footprint – almost zero, in fact if powered by solar-wind power
  • Delivers higher productivity per sqm – up to four times compared with land growing agriculture
  • Easy to set up, operate and use – can be up and running in a matter of hours
  • Opens avenues for small business and value addition of nutritious food products – Is commercially viable with low running costs
  • Helps food security programs – promotes health organic diets
  • Creates employment and self-employment – boosts local economy
  • Addresses region’s nutritional deficiencies – contributes to good health and well-being of children, teens, adults and elderly in your community

It is about time to develop AquaBioPonics system in your house, garage, garden, backyard, school, community. Why not?

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